About Get Back UP Today

Join the global support movement for people living with mobility challenges like Foot Drop.

TeamUP is a world-wide collective of people fighting back against mobility challenges. From a cancer survivor and three-time Paralympic medalist to a grandmother who loves to golf, TeamUP members represent a wide array of conditions and challenges, including Foot Drop, Charcot Marie Tooth, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, FSHD, Dystonia, Multiple Sclerosis and more.

On The Map

Since launching in 2012, Get Back UP Today has grown into a global movement. What started as a way for marathon runner Beth Deloria to find and help others living with Foot Drop has blossomed into a supportive, educational and inspirational community.

Mapping Out a Community

Hundreds of people from around the world shared their stories with us, telling us how they fought to get back up, and what they hoped the future would bring. To see some of those stories, check out the Testimonials section of our home page.

What's New?

The diverse group of TeamUP co-captains have used their voices to spread the Get Back UP Today message far and wide. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for all the latest developments and updates from them.

Helping Others

The Dralla Foundation is the charitable branch of Allard USA, founded by Peter Allard, owner of Allard USA. It was created to support programs geared toward helping children and adults with physical challenges to have fun, unforgettable days. Since first awarding grants in 2011, they have made unforgettable days possible for over 4,000 people.

Where We Are Going

With your help, we’ll continue to spread the Get Back UP Today movement far and wide. We hope you’ll join our ever-growing community and connect with people just like you.

Join the TeamUP Community

By uniting as a team, we can shine a light on Foot Drop and the conditions that lead to it. Here’s why you should join our movement:


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