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The TeamUP community and its Co-Captains are dedicated to raising awareness of the often-undiagnosed condition called Foot Drop. Through in-person events, TV appearances and social media, we’re showing the world just how fulfilling and eventful life can be with this challenging condition.

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7-year-old spina bifida patient inspires those to ‘get up’

Adam Luke is only 7 years old, but he has already inspired thousands. He’s part of a national team bringing awareness to those who may have difficulty getting around. Adam is living is spina bifida, and it’s not slowing this soon-to-be second- grader down.

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Running Inspires Hope And Healing For Spinal Cord Injury Survivor Wendy Garrett

By age six, Wendy Garrett knew she wanted to be a gymnast—and she didn’t let anything get in the way of achieving that dream. At 39, she still isn’t letting anything slow her down, including the accident that left her without the use of her left leg. 

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Becky Piper: Get Back UP 8 Times

The tattoo on Becky Piper’s left forearm reads Relentless Forward Progress. She got the tattoo as a reward to herself shortly after completing her first Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Boulder, Colorado, in August 2017.

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Disabled Colorado veteran wins XTERRA World Championship title

Craig Vogtsberger laces up every day for a run, but he has one extra step of preparation most don’t have to go through: After lacing up his ASICS, he fastens his BlueROCKER brace to his left shin. “The foot just drags on the ground if I’m not wearing the brace,” Vogtsberger said. Seventeen years ago, a National Guard training exercise turned into an accident: Two Humvees crashed together with Vogtsberger caught in between.

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TeamUP Co-Captain Wendy Garrett to Run Her 5th Boston Marathon

Wendy Garrett, co-captain of TeamUP — a national team of athletes and others who live with foot drop paralysis—will be competing in her fifth Boston Marathon on Saturday, April 15.

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An AFO Wishlist From Patients

We are writing as representatives of Get Back Up Today and TeamUP, the only national team of people living with foot drop or dystonia who are on a mission to help those with mobility issues improve their quality of life. Although foot drop can be caused by varied injuries, illnesses, or conditions, we all depend on orthotic care.

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TeamUP Co-Captains with Foot Drop Set to Compete in 2019 Boston Marathon

On Monday, April 15th, Beth Deloria (from Greensboro, NC) and Wendy Garrett (from Turner, Ore) will lace up their running shoes and wait alongside 30,000 other runners on Main Street in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, to run the 2019 Boston Marathon.

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