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Alex Varughese
- Alexvarughese25 -
Joined February 8, 2023
Sour Lake
My Story
I'm 43 years old male diagnosed with MS in January 14,2014. Initially with RRMS. Late 2022 I progressed to Secondary Progressive MS. I'm currently on Mavenclad, previously I took Tecfidera and Ocrevus. In 2018 I had tripped over my own feet and got diagnosed with R. FOOT DROP. I had therapy which helped immensely, but the device ended up to be a bother and too big and tight. I was hoping that something new will come out soon and hopefully help the issue.
Diagnosis or Condition
Multiple Sclerosis
Favorite Activities
Keeping up with my Kids/Grandkids, Running, Walking, Weight Lifting/Strength Training
Favorite Inspiring Quote or Mantra
Keep walking.