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Alexander Puga
- Aspuga -
Joined September 19, 2019
My Story
I was diagnosed with drop foot back in March of 2019. I did fall a few times, before realizing what I had. I have since had right hip replacement surgery and doing well from it, and the drop foot on my left foot is getting better slowly. I go to a chiropractor 1x weekly and he adjusts my left side from neck to foot, I use a pulse massager machine to stimulate my nerve and my toes have slowly started to move up and down. My chiropractor said it is a slow process that can take up to a year to fix.
Diagnosis or Condition
Cancer, Other
If you selected other, please specify
Right hip replacement, due to osteoarthritis
I support someone with mobility challenges
Favorite Activities
Swimming, Weight Lifting/Strength Training
Favorite Inspiring Quote or Mantra
I Can, I will, end of Story.