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Akiki Gover-Taylor
- Briaki2010 -
Joined August 28, 2019
Missouri City
My Story
On March 8th 2019, I had back surgery. Laminectomy and a Fusion. Dealt with a lot of body pain. Finally it started to get better. But out of no where, a little after I started physical therapy, 3 months after the surgery, I started getting this really bad intense pain in my foot and ankle. A lot of nerve pain, aching and like little electro shocks in my foot. I started walking funny and could barely move my toes. My foot was very sensitive and stayed swollen. Well, the doctor said it was foot drop. So I’ve been dealing with it since. The doctor just ordered me a brace about a 3 weeks ago. I can barely wear it, due to the foot being swollen all the time. He ordered this old time bulky AFO, and it makes me have to wear a shoe that is almost 3 sizes bigger, not to mention I have to wear mix match shoes. I know fashion is not something I should be concerned about at this moment, but I don’t want to be looking like Bozo the clown and tripping over my own shoe, because it’s to big. I feel my doctor is not for me. He’s to busy wanting to push his expertise on me instead of listening to me and my concerns. Heck, he doesn’t even know why the foot drop started in the first place. He claims it may have come from a stretched nerve, during physical therapy. I’ve asked a few people, they don’t agree. It’s possible, but very rare that my foot drop is coming from a stretched nerve.
Diagnosis or Condition
Diabetes, Other
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Nerve damage
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Keeping up with my Kids/Grandkids, Running, Walking
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Just Do It!