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Christa Wagner
- Christa -
Joined September 19, 2019
My Story
Tossed head over heals out of the saddle, looking face up into the sky--wondering how in the world I got there? Like any "good horse-woman" I immediately got back into the saddle and finished my ride. Like a "total dummy" I did not tell anyone I was hurt (and I was really hurt) because I didn't want to stop riding. That was four years ago. I learned that my stubbornness is not my best quality. In December 2018, after four years of continued pain in my back and pelvis I finally broke down and saw a doctor. X-ray, MRI and CT scan revealed that as a result of the horse riding accident I fractured a vertebrae and herniated a disc in the lumbar spine. Because of the lumbar back injuries I developed right leg deficits. The calf and shin muscle in my right leg atrophied causing foot drop. An EMG revealed that I have chronic nerve damage from my back into my right leg. An EMG ruled out CMT--but it's something that is never far from my mind since my Father has it. I was in intensive Physical Therapy for my back and leg and seeing improvements in mobility and leg muscle gain. While in PT I was constantly searching for ways to improve my strength and stay active. In early February 2019 before my 40th birthday I began to explore my options. At the top of my check list I knew I wanted to do something outside and something with another living creature. I knew deep down that horse riding was out. I learned about a sport called Urban Mushing or Dryland Mushing. It's a sport that is basically dog mushing without snow and a dog scooter in place of a sled. I found a company that had everything I was looking for--Kickbike USA. I got all the gear for my dog, taught him mushing commands and waited for my Kickbike to arrive. Fast forward to July 2019. Kickbiking/Urban Mushing has been such a healing tool in my life--not only as a unique way to bond to my beautiful, Borzoi, Ira but it has helped make me a stronger athlete; more than ever before. Kickbiking has been healing therapy for my body and mind. It is a new found love and has become a true passion of mine! It has allowed me to strengthen my back, leg and core like nothing else has. Everything was going great and as a team we were really racking up the miles day-to-day. With the added bonus of having so much fun! Until early July.......when a bunny jumped out 10 ft away from Ira. He lunged to get the bunny, that motion sent me flying off my Kickbike and into the pavement with the ball of my right foot taking the brunt of the traumatic blow. OUCH!!! I did not let my stubbornness or pride get in the way this time. I have been to the doctor--multiple doctors, multiple times. Long story short- I have a Sesamoid fracture in my right foot. After multiple X-rays and a MRI progress is not great and the fracture is not healing well. i have learned that this fracture can be a tricky one to heal. I have been in an orthotic boot for nearly 12 weeks (the whole summer). Thankfully, I have been able to stay active and oddly enough have developed quite a special bond with my ortho boot (I even painted the scene of how I got injured on my boot). I fully embrace the fact that I need to allow my foot time to heal and have focused on strengthening the rest of my body. I spent the summer swimming, doing yoga, pilates, barre' and most importantly staying positive. Anyone that has been in an ortho boot knows; a normal leg in an ortho boot or cast for almost 12 weeks will be weak and atrophied. Sadly, my right leg was far from normal before going into the ortho boot. The strength and muscle I had gained from PT and Kickbiking earlier in the year is now almost gone. So, now I have even more of a pronounced foot drop from the loss of shin and calf muscle. As a tool to get me out of the restrictive ortho boot and back on my feet (and eventually back on my Kickbike) I am being fitted for the newest Allard Toe Off Flow 2.5 and Gliderkit. I hope this will give me the ability to continue to do what I love and lead a healthy, active life. I am so thankful I found this inspirational team! Movement and Mindset is Medicine.
Diagnosis or Condition
Spinal Injury, Stroke, Other
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Sesamoid Fracture
Favorite Activities
Hiking, Running, Swimming, Walking, Weight Lifting/Strength Training, Yoga, Other
Favorite Inspiring Quote or Mantra
Movement and Mindset is Medicine.