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Emerald Jones
- Honeybee -
Joined November 11, 2019
Los Angeles
My Story
Hello I am a 30 year old mom of 2. I also teach in early education and development. I was driving home from school with my kids and now fiancé when a car struck us head on. The worst of my injuries was a break in my right hip that may have caused my foot drop. It also could have happened at any point of transport to the hospital or the doctor in surgery. All I truly know is my life is different now. I’m in constant pain due to neuropathy and stiffness in my foot. I miss running with my 4 and 8 year old through the park. I hate that in spite of my love for shoes, I am very limited. Preparing for my wedding has been hard and emotional for me as well. I have never liked lots of attention but find that people stare at me walking. I lost a lot of confidence after my accident. In the midst of trying to find a support system for my condition I came across team up. I hope this is a community were I feel apart.
Diagnosis or Condition
Traumatic Injury
Favorite Activities
Cycling, Hiking, Keeping up with my Kids/Grandkids, Running, Swimming, Team Sports, Tennis, Walking, Yoga
Favorite Inspiring Quote or Mantra
Breathe breathe it all comes together