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Becky Piper

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LIVES IN Black Hawk, Colorado
CURRENTLY WORKING AS Full-time Community Outreach Facilitator, Part-time Endurance Coach
DEVELOPED FOOT DROP AS RESULT OF a brutal home invasion, which also caused Traumatic Brain Injury (“Intracranial basal ganglia hemorrhage due to blunt force trauma”) and Hemiparesis (“right-side paralysis”), Ataxia and Hypertonia
CURRENTLY WEARS Allard BlueROCKER™ 2.0 with the ComfortKIT™ interface and BOA closures in place of straps
PROUDEST MOMENTS WHILE WEARING ALLARD BlueROCKER™ are finishing 2017 Boulder Half Ironman, becoming 2018 National Champion in Women’s C2 Paracycling Division and flying a small airplane with one hand
FAVORITE MESSAGE IS “Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.”
FUN FACT: I loves roller coasters and Oreo cookies!

Life is one big adventure. That’s how I’m treating my disability. Six years ago, my husband was stationed in Guam while in the Navy. I was there with him. We were living life to the fullest; mountain biking, running races, hiking, exploring, and competing in triathlons.

I was home alone one night when there was a knock at the door. I answered to find three big, angry men at the door. I tried to defend the homestead, but there was only one of me. One of the guys hit me over the head with his gun and beat me so badly that I was left on the floor to die. Luckily, my husband came home several hours later and found me just in time.

I was rushed to the hospital where the doctors induced a three-day coma. When I finally woke up I couldn’t swallow, talk, or move my right side at all. I was completely paralyzed, with nothing but faith and humor to get me through. From that day onward, I was determined to get my movement and speech back completely.

One of the first things the doctors noticed was that I was going to need a brace for my lower right leg/foot. They outfitted me with a hard plastic AFO. It allowed me to walk again, but that’s about it. It was very medical-looking and it’s silly but I felt like a medical experiment wearing it. I began doing research on what brace I could run and bike in before I could even walk again. My husband Sam joined me in this endeavor. Finally, we found the Allard BlueROCKER. ® Then I found, where I connected with athletes who had challenges like I did.

Walking, eating, and speaking are all second nature to most people, but I had to relearn all of these. The BlueROCKER® gave me one less thing to worry about while I made these significant adaptations to my life. It allowed my therapists to focus on my balance so that I could build up my endurance, get back up on my bicycle, regain proper gait, and learn to run again.

Three years after that horrible night, I competed in the Boulder Half-Ironman and am currently National Champion in Women’s C2 paracycling. After getting my BlueROCKER®, my right foot felt more mobile. The brace reignited the fire of athletics in me.

There are certain points in life that change you. This was that point for me. I was just becoming a true competitor in the world of triathlon when I was shaken to the core. I did not know how to live with a disability. No one I knew had ever competed with a disability before. I’d never even heard of hemiplegia, and now I have it. But with my Allard BlueROCKER®, I am not just alive – I am living again. Life really is one big adventure.

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