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Jill Walsh

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LIVES IN Jamesville, New York
CURRENTLY WORKING AS a Paracyclist and is a retired New York State Trooper
CURRENTLY WEARS the Allard BlueROCKER™ with SoftKIT™
PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT WHILE WEARING THE ALLARD BLUEROCKER™ In fall of 2018 I climbed the stair incline in Manitou Springs Colorado. Getting to the top of 2744 steps with a 2000-foot gain in elevation helped me feel like my old self again!
FAVORITE SAYING IS “You must be the change you wish to see in this world.” Mahatma Gandhi.
FUN FACT: I love jigsaw puzzles!

I have always been a very active person. I love the feel of pushing my body and cannot imagine a life without that.

I was then diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At first it did not impact my ability to remain active or continue with life as normal, until it did. In 2011 I suffered a relapse that left me with foot drop on my left side. I was scheduled to compete in an Ironman in July of 2012, which began a search for me to find a way to live my new normal. I was lucky to have doctors who were also triathletes; they were just as determined as I was to find a way.

In order to stay competitive I was fitted with my first BlueROCKER® AFO and I was moving again, but it wasn’t easy adjusting to this new normal. In my head, I had some dark moments, but my plan was the same: To stay active. I finished that Ironman, but soon MS raised its ugly head again; I started struggling with balancing on a two wheeled bike. This led me to using two BlueROCKER®s and a modified bike, which was modified into a trike with three wheels.

Life takes crazy turns and twists. Through riding a trike, I was introduced to Paralympic sports. Never would I have thought I would represent the United States at the Paralympics. I have done so twice. In 2016, I competed in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and won silver medals in the time trial and road race. In 2021, I again put on the stars and stripes at the Paralympics in Tokyo, Japan, where I won a bronze medal in the road race.

If it is something you enjoy, find a way. If that stops working look for a new way.


Jill is a retired NY State Trooper, a mom and medal-winning Paralympic cyclist. She currently lives in upstate New York and has been a TeamUP ambassador since 2013, helping to raise awareness for people living with MS and other mobility challenges.

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