READERS’ NOTE: This post has been updated to include MEN’S BOOTS, TOO! See end of this post for Men’s boot options for AFO-wearers.

Just in time for fall, we want to share an article written by GetBackUPToday friend and fellow blogger, Lainie Ishbia. Lainie has Charcot-Marie-Tooth Type1A disorder and currently wears bilateral AFOs from AllardUSA. More importantly she is a self-described “mom, wife, blogger, social worker, empowerment speaker/educator and fashionista” and we love it when she shares her tips with us . Read on to learn what she has to say about shopping for seasonal boots that fit her AFOs – we hope this helps in your own “function and fashion” quests!*

Shoe shopping sucks! It’s rarely satisfying and oftentimes exhausting work, especially for those of us who wear AFOS (leg braces) and have disabilities.

My girlfriends (the ones with perfect arches and no cankles) seem to love shoe shopping as much (maybe even more) than sex. They sound like giddy teenagers when they talk about their finds, with flushed post-orgasmic faces and all.

I am always happy for them, but it’s difficult for me to relate since my love for shoes has always been unrequited. I love shoes, but they don’t typically love me back!

You know how when you find a guy who’s nice and supportive, you can overlook the fact that he’s lacking in the looks department? When shoe shopping is a struggle, it’s sometimes easier to settle for any shoe that just fits.

This can especially be the case when looking for the perfect pair of boots.

Are my standards too high? Should we just settle for function over fashion? No! Absolutely not! We deserve both. Maybe I’m superficial, but I want both fashion and function.

I don’t want to settle and you shouldn’t want to either.

But when it comes to finding the perfect boots to wear during winters in Michigan, I don’t want to slip on ice, but I also don’t want to be wearing ugly boots if I were to slip on ice.

Like finding a great partner who fits both your wants and needs, when shopping for Mr. Right boot, it’s important to keep in mind the qualities that are most important to you and have a list of your non-negotiables.

Here are 10 of mine when it comes to shopping for tall boots to fit my leg braces:


So, I spent (no joke) five + hours searching for my Mr. Right Boot. I scoured every corner of the internet to find boots that met all of my non-negotiables.

After many returns, I finally found him! The boots of my disabled girl’s dreams are by Michael Kors and are kind of expensive. But, given how hard I worked to find them, it was totally worth it!

Since these boots did not come in a wide width, I bought them two sizes larger than my regular foot size, allowing for the depth I needed.

They have a stretchy back, which makes it easier to pull them on over my AFO’s. And, most importantly, they have a full-length outside zipper.

While my Mr. Right boot may or may not be available in stores at the time you’re reading this, I curated many other similar styles of boots for you to shop that are available now for you to check out and buy.  -Lainie


Above are a few Women’s styles Lainie shared with her readers. She recently added a blog post showing great options for Men’s Boots also, so be sure to check them out…

For more of Lainie’s favorite boots please visit her original blog post,  for Women’s boots and for Men’s boots, and tell her that her friends at GetBackUPToday say hi!

*This is an opinion piece by a guest blogger for and not meant to be taken as professional advice for proper footwear selection for orthotic devices. We want to remind all AFO-wearers to follow the guidance of their orthotists, healthcare professionals and brace manufacturers before deciding what footwear is right for you. – The GetBackUPToday team