We received many great stories and pictures during last week’s National Foot Drop Awareness Day. Below you’ll find some of our favorites — thanks for sharing!

Jamie Whitmore


Christa W.

As anyone that has been in an ortho boot knows, a normal leg in an ortho boot or cast for almost 12 weeks will be weak and atrophied. Sadly, my right leg is far from normal before going into the ortho boot. The strength and muscle I had gained from PT and Kickbiking earlier in the year is now almost gone. So, now I have even more of a pronounced Foot Drop. As a way to get me out of the restrictive ortho boot and back on my feet (and eventually back on my Kickbike), I am being fitted for the newest Allard Toe Off Flow 21/2 and Gliderkit. I hope this will give me the ability to continue to do what I love and lead a healthy, active life. I am so thankful I found this inspirational team!    

Beth Deloria  













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“Happy Foot Drop Awareness day!! #nationalfootdropawarenessday #getbackuptoday #allardusa” – Beth Deloria A post shared by Allard USA (@allardusa) on

Adam Luke


Jill Walsh













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  No better way to spend National Foot Drop day than going for a ride then hanging out in my favorite bike shop.#bikeloftnorth #nationalfootdropday #thisisfootdrop #teamup #allardUSA A post shared by Jill Walsh (@walshjill19) on

Lisa Victorius

“National #footdrop day. Very thankful for my Allard #AFO that allows me to be me- a wife, mom and a runner”