Kay Ashton lives with neurofibromas (NF) – a genetic condition that causes tumors to grow on the nerve endings.  The NF led to scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and now as a result of these two conditions, Kay has foot drop.  She also happens to have fallen arches and other problems with her knees and because all these issues impact each other, her foot drop will not improve.

The symptoms that Kay experiences with foot drop are tripping and not being able to lift her foot when going upstairs, which unfortunately caused her to also trip on stairs.  She tried multiple ways of fixing these challenges including using devices that went into her shoelaces and around her ankle, but this was not practical and would come out of her shoes.  She tried a custom brace which went around the back of her leg, but these were bulky, and she struggled to get them under her jeans and clothes.  She also had to go up a size in shoes to make the brace to fit.

Kay now uses Ypsilon® AFOs and says they are helping her grow more comfortable. “Since having these new braces for my feet, I have been able to walk up and down stairs slowly, but with more confidence.  I am more confident when I’m out and about that I am not going to fall as often I do.  I still have to use my knee braces and walk with a crutch and have the anxiety that it will happen, but the anxiety is not as severe as it was before.”