Kyla has been a toe walker since she began walking.  Her parents have always kept a close eye on it since her dad is still a toe walker as an adult.  They would stretch her achilles tendons, as they were getting tight, and encourage Kyla to walk on her heels.  However, they remained tight, and this would cause problems such as tripping and falling and stubbing her toes.  Eventually, she was fit with KiddieGAIT® AFO’s.  She asked her parents on her way to her fitting, “Will these help me fall less?”

Since wearing her new AFO’s, they do help her to fall less, and her achilles tendons are not as tight.  During the quarantine, she stopped wearing them for a bit, but started to fall and frequently stub her toes.  Now that she is back to wearing them all the time, she loves riding her bike and running outside.  She says that her KiddieGAIT® AFO’s help her pedal her bike and run fast!