Seth has always been extremely active – competing in Tough Mudders, weight- lifting, and running local races.  That all changed when he had a stroke 3 years ago, which left him with weakness in his left arm and left leg.  He had to learn how to walk and talk.  They were dark days in the beginning, and he would ask himself why he was broken, but a friend told him, “You need to treat this like you are training for a race.”  He decided that he wouldn’t let this define him and prove to his kids that he was going to come out of it.

In order to help with his foot drop, he was given a clunky custom AFO, but it locked his ankle in and he couldn’t find shoes for it.  So, he started advocating for himself, thinking that there had to be something out there he could use.  He started walking 5 miles around his neighborhood every day, inspiring his neighbors to also get outside and walk.  One of his neighbors introduced him to a company called Orthologix.  It was there that he was fit with a BlueROCKER®.  “My life changed the day I left there.  This brace has opened an entire new world for me.  It taught me to spring forward.  It’s lightweight and fits in more shoes.  I can walk more comfortably and more normal.”   He also was able to go from walking 20 minutes per mile to 15 and now he is at 11.  Soon he thinks he will be able to run again.

“Don’t let your disability define you.  Life is a long road.  There will be detours and potholes.  If you focus on the journey, it’s worth it.” – Seth Marcus