The following is a recent update from TeamUP Co-Captain Steven Peace, who has been a long-term advocate for people living with mobility challenges. When a severe stroke unexpectedly derailed his career in the US Navy, Steven found that competitive cycling was a key component to living a purposeful post-stroke life. Today he works to ensure that others can share in his passion for cycling, no matter their level of ability. Read on to see how you can ride along with Steven!

Hey TeamUP,

Its been a while since I’ve talked with you and kept you apprised of what I’ve been doing.  When last we spoke, I was finishing up a career in Para-cycling which had taken me around the world many times, to the Para PanAm games, and to the London Paralympics in 2012.  It was an absolute blessing to compete as long as I did, and I wanted to make sure that others had the same opportunities I had.

Things seemed to fall into place as I said goodbye to the competitive athlete in me.  I had founded Peace Cycling Performance about 2016 and had some of the best trike athletes around.  So, in March 2022, Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) came to me with an offer to merge the Trike Team with the Women’s Handcycle Team which was currently without a manager.  I jumped at the opportunity.  Since taking the helm, not only did the teams progress, they excelled and this year expanded to 11 athletes (2 more than last year)!  I do everything the athlete needs except ride in the race, serving as mechanic, transport, lodging coordinator, photographer, etc – whatever is needed.   That way the athlete can focus on the race.  It’s a win-win situation because I’m in the competition without competing and the athletes are competing in the races at their best.

In the spare time that I have, your can find me race testing design changes to the trike, introducing new riders to adaptive cycling, and in 2022, riding in the TENTH Million Dollar Challenge where I was chosen to be a Green Jersey Ride Leader –  an absolute honor to do.

Throughout this change in my life, CAF, Allard, and TeamUP have all been by my side.  I could not have taken these steps (literally, thanks to my BlueROCKER®) without them.

I’m still on the trike, so if you want to join me, I lead a virtual ride on Zwift every Tuesday morning at 7:10am PST.